The last time we talked about the well-known Updown Court estate, it was heaved back onto the market in June of this year with a price tag of £75,000,000 or $123,120,000.  After being on and off market for 6 long years, with a listing high of $143.5 million, it now has a new price tag…..$65,000,000. That’s right. The 50,000 square foot mega estate can be yours for just $65 million, which some might consider a bargain. The lavish estate is located in the Surrey village of Windlesham in the United Kingdom, which is about an hour away from London. It is situated on 58 acres of land and has a $6 million marble heated driveway and a total of 103 rooms which include 24 bedrooms each with their own marble bathroom, two lane bowling alley, five swimming pools, squash court, tennis court, wine cellar, 50 seat home theater and it’s own panic room.