Here are 4 videos of Rose Terrace, the lavish estate built by Anna Dodge.

Here’s what HOTR reader Barney has to say –

Hey Fellow HOTR Fanatics

Barney from Grosse Pointe Michigan here, with a TRULY magnificent, historical video treat for you guys. ESPECIALLY those of you who might very mistakenly STILL think that all of southeastern Michigan is nothing but one huuuge, extended ghetto from Detroit. Please see below four videos….the first three were from a very well done 1/2 hr. local show, filmed in 1971 on the ONE AND ONLY, irreplaceable Grosse Pointe, lakefront mansion called “Rose Terrace”.  This show was produced after the owner, Anna Dodge, died in 1970, and it will TRULY TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY, and blow your minds to smithereens.  The fourth vid is a fantastic collection of pics of Rose Terrace, and lists, correctly, all the major and astonishing architectural, construction, design (both interior & exterior) facts and UNBELIEVABLE & priceless masterpieces of art that the chateau was filled with.  I’ve been obsessed with this impeccable estate (which was tragically torn down in 1976) since I was a child (I’m 49 now) and I have a couple of personal connections to it.  I was in it as a kid with my deceased Mom (and don’t, VERY unfortunately remember) and my oldest, deceased Aunt work tirelessly to try & preserve it.  She also created huge, gorgeous flower arrangements for an unforgettable dinner dance, the night before the house was torn down.

FEAST YOUR EYES & EARS, My Friends! I truly cannot wait to read your responses.  And YES, southeastern, metro-Detroit is STILL a very beautiful place to live….EVEN today, & during the worst winter weather.  It’s NOT Palm Beach for sure, but we’re sure as Hell NOT in Chernobyl either folks!   BIG thanks to Kenny for his hospitality in indulging me with this guest post………ENJOY!